Film Review

Topics: Tippi Hedren, Alfred Hitchcock, Jessica Tandy Pages: 4 (1464 words) Published: July 15, 2013
Film Review
University of Phoenix
Introduction to the Visual and Performing Arts
Ryan Kuck
June 14, 2010

Film Review
The Birds is one of Alfred Hitchcock's finest works of technical achievement. In this review I will provide an overview of performance, describe the films general theme, plot, character development, and style. As well as giving examples of standard editing technique used in this film compared to today’s new technology of editing technique. I will show how costumes, makeup, and acting lead to and detract from a memorable viewing experience of watching the film The Birds. Overview of Performance

Tippi Hedren's performance as Melanie Daniels impressed me. Her character came across as fashionable, chic, and promiscuous. She begins a flirtation with Mitch that seems innocent enough but becomes boldly aggressive. Mitch Brenner (Rod Taylor), a San Francisco lawyer and mama’s boy unable of any obligation to a relationship; Taylor's performance is one of subtleness and intensity. Lydia Brenner (Jessica Tandy), Mitch’s fearful mother, unhappy because the passing away of her husband and dreadfully resentful of any woman who demonstrate an attraction to her son; Annie Hayworth (Suzanne Pleshette), a schoolteacher still sour and infatuated long after Mitch has reject her affections. The performance of each actor was talented and skillful and improved the development of their character. Theme, Plot, Character Development, and Style

Even though the very title puts the birds in the front position, the human interaction is at the heart of this movie. Hitchcock deliberately offers no logical or reasonable enlightenment for the bird attacks; he focuses the audience attention on how people respond in such a trying situation. In this small town birds of all species suddenly begin to attack people. The plot: Melanie Daniels wealthy socialite while shopping for a bird for her aunt is noticed by Mitch Brenner a lawyer. He...

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