Film Response to Avatar

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Avatar is perhaps one of the most hyped movies of all time. This is because it came into the market when the revolutionary 3 dimension television was entering the world market. Even more hype was drawn to it due its characters in that are lifelike and the special effects that channel through the viewer's mind as the plot unfolds. James Cameron the director places the storyline in a convincing manner fusing the main parts of the movie namely, the plot, the dialogue, the characters, settings and the themes that make it quite a good movie to catch.

The storyline basically evolves around a solder in the US army who happens to be paralyzed half of his body. Due to technological advancements a way through which humans could be transformed into hybrid nature called 'avatar' exists. The avatar's mission is to explore outside destinations. The soldier is recruited to be the traveler to a moon known as the Pandora. As events unfold the viewer is taken into a mental rollercoaster of the Pandora land. Beautiful scenery and untamed thick forests with characters having supernatural powers is what greets the viewer.

However conflict arises as the plot picks when the main character Jack Sully falls in love not only with the land but also with Neitiri an inhabitant of the Pandora or the Navi. This was against the wishes of the human creators of the main character the avatar. Soon it's discovered that massive resources exist in Pandora and the human greed takes over. It's decided that the Navis are to be moved by force but the power of determination and good eventually triumphs.

The plot of Avatar is in my opinion is original as it's characterized by unique features and motion effects that makes it possible for one to be glued on the screen. Its one of the few elements of the movie that makes it recommended to movie audiences to watch. Also, dialogue of the characters is good as it's minimal but very relevant. Cameron has used nonverbal or body language of the...
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