Film Prioritization

Topics: Academy Award for Best Picture, Academy Award, Animation Pages: 4 (1538 words) Published: January 7, 2007
In this scenario, a large film making conglomerate wishes to examine a number of potential film making projects. Each project is to be ranked according to its feasibility, measured by the ability to adhere to a number of corporate objectives. There are seven proposed movies to be judged and the conglomerate will produce four to six each year. First is to examine each of those projects to the corporate objectives, compare and contrasting project selection criteria and justify why a project meets the selection criteria.

The corporation has three ‘must have ‘ objectives as follow: All of the projects need to meet legal, safety and environmental standard, all of the film projects should receive a PG or lower advisory rating, all projects should not have an adverse effect on a current or planned operations within the larger community. The third objective is most probably in reference to the conglomerate plans to open theme parks in Poland and China which would be in addition to a number of existing parks, home videos, video games, theatrical productions and television channel. Each of those objectives mentioned will each be assigned a point weighting of 24 points.

This case study will also need ‘want' objectives. These are assigned a weighting for their relative importance, however they are not critical to the company's mission. Those ‘want' objectives are as follow: to be nominated for and win an academy award for best Picture of the year, create at least one new animated character each year, generate additional merchandise revenue such as dolls, action figures, interactive games, music CDs, raise public consciousness about environmental issues, general profit in excess of 18 percent, advance the state of the art in film animation and preserve the firms reputation, finally provide the basis for the developments of a new ride at a company owned theme park.

As a member of the hypothetical team to evaluate each of the submitted proposals, the task is to rank each...
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