Film Methodologies - Point Break (1991)

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Many different methodologies are vital when examining film. Different aspects and methods of cinema analysis provide critics and audiences with various approaches to establishing certain genres or films. This essay will examine the specific methodologies of the action genre, a consideration of the art cinema and an auteur study. These styles are recognized in Kathryn Bigelow's Point Break (1991) which provides strong examples of these techniques.

An action film is commonly recognized by audiences. The action film portrays strong characteristics and identifiable elements unique to the action genre. Fights, stunts, cars, foot chases, sex appeal and explosions are fundamental sequences of the action genre whereas; character development and well thought-out plot lines are often overlooked. The action genre therefore develops a stereotype that characterizes a film by incorporating such certain elements. Bigelow's Point Break is stereotypically an action film, as it embodies these, and many more aspects essential to the action genre. Many events in Point Break centre on powerful adrenaline pumping action sequences. Fighting takes place frequently and in many different environments. These situations build tension and provide entertainment. Fist fighting is not the only conflict confronted in Bigelow's film. Shootouts involving rifles, pistols and shotguns are believed to be essential classics to a good action film. The predominant theme of bank robbery incorporates a mixed bag of violence, weapons and aggressive language. These events evoke powerful emotions from all characters on-screen, creating stronger action elements. Stunts involving explosions intrigue audiences. The imagery of a building or car exploding into the air is typically high intensity action. The situation before, during and after such events provides compelling entertainment. High spectacle stunts and effects are commonplace in the action genre such as Point Break. Both car and foot pursuits are...

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