Film Critique, the Crow

Topics: Brandon Lee, The Crow, Bruce Lee Pages: 4 (1475 words) Published: August 12, 2013
film critique

Final Film Critique: The Crow
Jason Campbell
Eng 225
Instructor: David Preizler
March 18, 2013

Final Film Critique: The Crow
Few films have struck a chord with viewers as ones that deal with love and revenge. From tragic love stories such as “Romeo and Juliet”, to more revenge based movies such as “Taken”, the combination of the two seem to evoke a response in viewers that all things are possible. While love stories evoke the feeling of happiness that the characters will live happy ever after, revenge movies give a feeling of redemption. With “The Crow”, the combination gives viewers a sense that all things are better and the characters still get the happy ever after. Through the cunning use of lighting, sound, and visual effects, the story of “The Crow” brings the viewer deep into that world, and lets them live as the character does.

“The Crow” is a love story with a tragic twist. A young man and his fiancée are murdered on the night before Halloween, the day before they are to get married. One year later, the young man rises from the grave to avenge his lost love. At that point, it becomes a revenge film. However, though the character of Eric Draven is fueled by the desire for revenge, it is also clear that he does it to avenge his love. Harnessing the power of the crow, Draven gains somewhat immortality, and goes on a killing spree, killing those that killed him and his girl, Shelley Webster. The storytelling in the movie is strong, flowing from one event to the next in linier order. From rising from his grave to exacting his revenge, the story progresses smoothly.

As with having a good story, one must have the actors to portray the characters in that story, and portray them well to make the movie entertaining. The main actor in “The Crow” is Brandon Lee, the son of the famous Bruce Lee. “The Crow” was his third movie, and by far, in most peoples opinion, his best. Sadly, Brandon Lee lost his life in the making of...

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