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Film Critique: Fried Green Tomatoes
Janeen Renee Plummer
ENG 225 Introduction to Film
Sarah Carson
14 July 2014
Fried Green Tomatoes
Fried Green Tomatoes is a classic film for me. It tells an incredible story about friendship and courage as well as showing the strength of women overall. I have chosen to analyze this movie in depth for this film critique. This film tells the story about two different friendships between four women and how their friendship helped them become better women within themselves. This filmed was released in theaters back in 1991, which was the year I was born. However, when I watched this film back in like 2008 for the first time, I immediately fell in love. This movie is actually based on a book called Fried Green Tomatoes and the Whistle Stop Café by Fanny Flagg. The author also wrote the screenplay for the film. The film was directed, produced by Jon Avnet. The film takes place in the early 90s, where we meet the main characters, Evelyn Couch and Cleo Threadgoode also known as Ninny. The movie starts with Evelyn and her husband visiting a nursing home where Evelyn stumbles across this lonely old woman named Cleo. She takes a peculiar liking to Ninny and she sits down and starts to talk to her about her life. Ninny begins to tell Evelyn a story about the friendship between Idgie Threadgoode and Ruth Jamison. This friendship dated all the way back to the 1920s and the 1930s. This film has two storylines as it tells the story of the past while having a story in the present. This is how we get to see the two friendship stories be told even though they are in different time periods. The first or establishing shot in the movie, we hear the sound of a train whistling. As the camera is panning over a somber, ghost town, the camera stops in front of a old shop called The Whistle Stop Café. This shot actually sets the tone for the movie, since this is the restaurant in which they would make the fried green tomatoes. Throughout the...

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