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Topics: I Am Legend, Film, Zombie Pages: 4 (1151 words) Published: November 19, 2014
Kayla Mersing
D. Critchfield
English 111-F05
10 September 2014
The Race To The End Of The World
Post-apocalyptic movies have recently become what movie fanatics are talking about and what viewers want to go see in the theaters. The reasoning behind this is because this genre has everything in it: horror, action, comedy and sometimes even romance. Viewers love that these films are all based out of the writer’s head: no plot, no rules, just their thoughts. When viewers go in the theater thinking this would never happen and they leave seeing how easy it would be for it to. I Am Legend (2007) and World War Z (2013) both use basic concepts of the end of the world phenomena; such as, aggressive creatures, post-apocalyptic living and the elusive cure. These themes bring us to the future and explain what the world may soon be.

The creatures in these movies are usually zombies or a zombie-like creature. The creatures walk slowly, make noises and do nothing; that is what the disease usually does to them. In I Am Legend these creatures possess zombie and vampire features. They cannot go out in the light, but their skin is thin and see through. The creatures have an extensive amount of strength and possess a level of cleverness and understanding that we tend to not see in the post-apocalyptic genre. They use these traits on Robert Neville and his dog, Sam, in the movie when they set a trap for Robert that held his leg so he would not be able to get down. Robert was a bait trap, he was there for hours and then it started to get dark and that is when the creatures come out. The zombie/ vampire dogs bit Sam and that is when Robert changed his mindset. He wanted to figure out the disease and cure it more than he ever had before. Just like I Am Legend, World War Z did not have the usual zombie- like creatures. These looked like zombies, but did not act like the stereotype. The creatures in World War Z were indubitably faster and exceedingly stronger than any human. They...
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