Film and Time

Topics: Film, Feature film, Movie theater Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: May 9, 2006
This being my first time watching this movie, I was skeptical of whether or not I would like this particular film. For some unknown reason feature films that are shot on water I don't particularly car for. With the knowledge of Speilberg being the director I was eager. The film being made in 1975, I was aware that this movie was a first for its time and for many people. After a little research and digging, I uncovered what I wanted to about this film. People before this film had very little idea about sharks and not many people had seen them. So this was the first time that they had seen sharks and gore to this effect. With all of this in mind I watched the movie from an analytical point of view and reviewed it.

The title fits this film very well in my opinion, even though there are thousands of possibilities for a title, some examples would be: Killer Water, or Sea Monster. "JAWS" is short and sweet and to the point, yet it's a very powerful title. It fits the film because of the sheer terror that this sharks mouth represents. And throughout the whole movie, every time the shark opens his mouth it sends a tingling down your spine and through your entire body.

The plot of the movie keeps you on your toes and it keeps the audience wondering what will happen next. For a long time at the beginning of the movie you don't get to see

the shark and when you finally do your jaw drops to the floor and your like, "Whoaaaa". That was my first initial reaction when I saw the great white for the first time. Altogether I think that the plot was great and full of action. The director draws the audience into the movie and its doesn't let them go until its completely over!

When Spielberg directed this piece, he was still fairly new at his job. Nonetheless he did a terrific job and threw in some great ideas for production. I loved how he filmed it on the water. The camera angles that he used were extraordinarily great. He used one shot in particular that I...
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