Film and Media Studies, Editing and Sound

Topics: Film editing, Film techniques, Jump cut Pages: 3 (653 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Editing is...
In filmmaking, the selecting and sticking of shots.
In finished film, the sets of techniques that governs the relations among shots. (Building blocks & transitions)

The Cut
In Filmmaking, it’s the joining of two film strips together. In finished film, it’s an instant change from one frame of a shot to another.

Opening sequence of citizen kane. The dissolve leads us nearer to the castle.

Wipe (Seven Samurai, his words are supported with the next shot of samurai coming to town) A line moving across the frame causing the first shot to disappear and the next shot appears as the line move across.

-iris wipe neighbours the iris reveals that the female is the protagonist and ready for her wedding.

The thawed frame (Citizen Kane)
The thawed frame begins with a freezed image and eventually comes to life.

Freeze frame ( The 400 blows, boys walks towards camera, the frame freezes)

4 dimensions of editing

Temporal relations
Elliptical editing (Relationship between husband and wife changes in Citizen Kane) FlashForward ( Run lola Run)
Overlapping ( Police Story)
Graphics match (A space odyssey, the bone transforms into a space ship.) After the ape use the bone as a tool and weapon, it throws up into the air, match cut into a more advance weapon and tool, drawing connection between two objects. Based on pictorial qualities of the two juxtaposed shots. Both qualities of mise en scene and cinematography contribute to the relationship. Make a logical coherence between shots.

Graphic match, two successive shots joined due to their strong similarity of compositional elements. Rhythmic relations are based on the time duration of juxtaposition shots Battlesh Potemkin
Rhythm is more important than continuity
Based on movement beat or action pace
Camera does not follow 360 rule and fill with jump cuts.
Jump Cut editing, position of subject jumped in a discontinuous way, giving the appearance of time have passed and...
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