Film and Great Train Robbery

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The 'reactive character' triggers a response and tells the audience how to view a scene? | True| | False|
What silent film grossed over 10 million during the years of 1910-1920? | Intolerance| Birth of a Nation| | Trip to the Moon| | It| The Great Train Robbery|

What year did "The Wizard of Oz" and "Gone with the Wind" open in theatres? | 1919| | 1939|
| 1929 | | 1949|
What date was "Birth of a Nation" released in theatres?
| 1912| | 1927|
| 1915| | 1916|
What is the term that refers to the movement of actors on a stage? | Movement|
| Objective|
| Blocking|
| Objective|
| Orientation|
| layout|
Who was known for doing the famous "Fan Dance"?
| Suzy Fan|
| Debbie Williams|
| Katherine Hepburn|
| Sally Rand|
| Billy Burke|

Which of the following slowed the mass production of the television in America? | Only three hours of viewing available|
| World War II military production|
| Japanese had a corner on the market|
| No demand for the television|
What is the term that refers to an equal balance of comedy and drama in a film? | Scale Factor|
| Sliding Rule|
| Balanced Formula|
| Titter Totter Effect|
What is the standard length of a reel of film?
 a.| 2-5 minutes|
 b.| 5-7 minutes|
 c.| 7-10 minutes|
 d.| 10-15 minutes|
Bottom of Form
What is another term for upstaging an actor?
Top of Form
 a.| Downstaging|
 b.| Grabbing Attention|
 c.| Attention Seeking|
 d.| Pulling Focus|
 | Focused Attempt|

Which of the following events occured last in the history of American Theatre? -------------------------------------------------
Top of Form
| Silent Movies|
| Burlesque|
| Vaudeville|
| Follies|
What is considered "Prime Time" viewing hours on TV, also known as the "Family Hour"? -------------------------------------------------
Top of Form
| 3-5 p.m.|
| 4-6 p.m.|
| 5-7 p.m.|
| 6-8 p.m.|
| 7-9 p.m.|
What do we label it when the central character states his feelings for another character? -------------------------------------------------
Top of Form
| Declaration|
| Reveal|
| Pivotal|
| Decision|
When a director performs a 'director's cheat' he is making a decision to ignore a rule or reality, in order to tell his story? -------------------------------------------------
Top of Form
| True|
| False|

What year was television invented and introduced at the New York World's Fair? -------------------------------------------------
Top of Form
| 1919|
| 1929|
| 1939|
| 1949|
| 1959|
| 1969|
| 1909|
| 1899|
What is a technical term used to describe a camera that moves towards an object while adjusitng focus? -------------------------------------------------
Top of Form
| Pushing the camera|
| Pulling focus|
| Focusing in|
| Focusing out|
| Pulling the camera|
What Paris director pioneered special effects and fantasy films in 1902? -------------------------------------------------
Top of Form
| Vincent Van Gogh|
| Edwin Porter|
 | Robert W. Paul|
 | Georges Melies|
What is the term used to refer to a light hearted moment or phrase used to lift an audiecne to laughter? -------------------------------------------------
Top of Form
| Comic Relief|
| Humor|
| Comical moment|
| Laugh Track|
A "wrangler" is an individual or company that cares for animals and insects on a movie set? -------------------------------------------------
Top of Form
| True|
| False|
Silent Era of Filmmaking?
Top of Form
| 1895-1927|
| 1927-1940's|
| 1930's|
| 1920's|
| 1940's|
Where was "The Great Train Robbery" filmed?
Top of...
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