Film and Game Industry

Topics: Film, Video game, Video game console Pages: 3 (1091 words) Published: May 13, 2012

The movie industry and the video game industry are two of the biggest industries known. They provide us with plenty of entertainment. The movie industry provides us with all sorts of cinematic and visual entertainment. It could be viewed alone or with family and friends. Video game industry is one of the fastest growing industries today and is currently the bigger of the two. It’s similar to movies but more hands on and interactive. Even though I love them both and also rely on them for my entertainment, I enjoy video game a little more. In some form we all rely on both industries here in the United States and all over the word. As of today the video game market is a $27.5 billion industry, but the modern video game industry had a long, fun, but difficult beginning. In 1966, a New Hampshire engineer by the name of name Ralph Baer who worked for a contractor making different kinds of defense electronics for the United States military. He came up with came up with a new form of technology that got video games up and running, out of the lab, and into the mainstream audience. By the 1970s, the technology that was being put in to computers at the time made it easier for the widespread development of video games possible. One of the first real mainstream video games to come out was called pong. The two guys behind the creation of pong were named Bushnell and Alcorn. The first time anyone saw the game was at a bar in Sunnyvale, California called Andy’s Capp’s Tavern. It was place there as a trial run to test the game. After that the game took off and sent shock wave through the industry. Soon companies like Midway, an old-line maker of equipment for amusement parks, started getting into the game. The coin-op company that brought Space Invaders to America had invaded the space of Atari and at that time Atari was the industry leader in a big way. Then Atari CEO Ray Kasser thought it would be a good idea not to fight it but to get exclusive home rights for the...
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