Film and Countless Alien Eggs

Topics: Film, Horror film, Alien Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: October 30, 2012
I watched Alien when I was in the middle school. I still remembered the feeling when I first watched this film. It was so scary that I couldn’t even breathe, and I once dreaded that these aliens would come to our planet and destroy our humanity. There is no doubt that this film is a masterpiece in the Sci-Fi/horror film history. The director Ridley Scott made an amazing film. The story mainly tells about a commercial towing spaceship, which carries seven crew members, and receives a beacon form a planet, so they decide to check it out. Three of crew member Dallas, Kane and Lambert discover a derelict spaceship which contains countless alien eggs; one of these attacks Kane and makes him unconscious. After Kane is brought to the ship, the strange thing happens. An alien bursts from Kane’s’ chest and kills all the crew members except Ridley. By her intelligence and braveness, she finally kills the alien and escape from the spaceship. Films about UFO and spaceships are extremely popular in the film industry especially in America, but in other countries it’s not popular at all. I think it is because schools in United States focus more on educating students’ imagination and creativity. People love to see films about future world and extraterrestrial life. As we know, our universe is extremely large; a lot of people believe that aliens do exist somewhere. Some rumor says they visited us and government knew it, but for some reason they didn’t want people to know. The more government wants to conceal the existence of alien, the more people want to know the truth. That’s why Sci-Fi movies can succeed in the box office so well. The Alien is one of the most successful Sci-Fi movies in the history. Some people think it also can be categorized as a horror movie too. There are so many scary moments in this film; some are really gross and disgusting. The effect of chest bursting of Kane is still amazing; even it was a movie that filmed 30 years ago. Director created...
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