Film and Anti-aircraft Missile Sites

Topics: Film, Nuclear weapon, Film genre Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: December 15, 2008
This film was an interesting one. Although it seemed to drag at places, I never found myself wanting to stop the film. The first conclusion I came to about the movie, was that it was set in the premise of God created nature, God created man, Man destroys nature, Man destroys man, Man destroys God. It is sort of a love hate relationship between the creator and the created, just like you probably hate your parents and do things just to spite them.

I can’t help but think of Plato’s cave when I watch this movie. Especially in the beginning and end when it shows the cave paintings, probably of the Indian tribe that used the word Koyaanisqatsi. When I relate the cave to this movie, I think of how it shows nature and how we would’ve marveled in its beauty. Try to convince others that this beauty should remain untouched, unharmed. These peoples against nature generally fall into the category of nuclear arms enthusiasts and those who believe that fossil fuels will last forever.

It is human nature to destroy, to fight, and to dominate. We are constantly at war with each other and because of that we sort of adopted a “gotta keep up with the Jones” attitude. They get knives; we get guns; they get tanks; we get airplanes; they get anti-aircraft missile sites; then we get nuclear bombs. We build gigantic cities just to prove that we can, they serve no real use other than to show how we can build better than they can. They end up being gigantic drains on the environment; look at Los Angeles, the air quality is so bad over there from all the exhaust, they are facing more and more cases of respiratory illnesses. All because of our desire to dominate over things, people and nature included.

This is obviously an art film, a film not wanting to win Oscars and other awards. This film is there to convey emotions, to bring about different reactions in everybody. This happens because not everyone is on the same emotional state as the person next to them. And...
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