Film Analysis of Edward Emmerich's Anonymous

Topics: Elizabeth I of England, William Shakespeare, James I of England Pages: 2 (257 words) Published: March 25, 2014
Art Appreciation
Movie Review

Cleo Enricamei C. De Castro
BSIT 2-2

Cast of the Characters
Rhys Ifans as Earl of Oxford
Vanessa Redgrave as Qeen Elizabeth I
Sebastian Armesto as Ben Jonson
Rafe Spall as William Shakespeare
David Thewlis as William Cecil
Edward Hogg as Robert Cecil

Director Edward Emmerioh
Film Studio Anonymous Picture
Year 2011
I can only say to these movie are excellent they portrait the true values of European life they also define the Shakespeare work. Treatment
The treatment for the actors are very hard because they portrait all happened in the Europe and the past life of William Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I. they do all the best to do these film. Overall impression to the movie

I like the Movie “Anonymous” because I can see the different side of life in Europe the monarchy and the people surround them. They see life of William Shakespeare and the Queen of Europe Queen Elizabeth I. that teach us to be independent in life. Do the thing that we are wanted to be. Insight

The movie anonymous use a western drama because of the western visual style denotes their focus on the philosophy of current events especially that of social matters they also use a Christianity and liturgies to their country. We also know the secret behind the work of William Shakespeare. These movie gives the justice what happen in the past years of William Shakespeare. I like the way they act the character and they also focus who is anonymous.
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