Film Analysis for Philosophy Class - Enduring Love

Topics: Love, Affection, Definition Pages: 3 (968 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Enduring Love
Amy Duguid

Viewing Philosophy Through Film
Fall 2012
Dr. Mark Zlomislic

Conestoga College,
Institute of Technology and
Advanced Learning

The film Enduring Love deals with a number of different characters and their lives after participating in a traumatic event with each other. In this paper I will defend the thesis that the title “Enduring Love” is misleading; not only is it not love, but it is also not enduring. The tragic event that the characters share together transformed their lives into something that cannot be defined as “enduring love”. In order to defend this thesis Section One will define key terms such as love, enduring, transformation, and tragic. Section Two will offer examples from the film that will defend my thesis. Section three will answer potential objections to my thesis. Finally the conclusion will summarize what the paper has proven.

I. Definition
This section will define key terms that will help to establish my thesis. Enduring is defined as an action of the verb endure, and means to last. Love is defined as to care, desire, cherish, show love to; delight in, or approve. These definitions put together therefore means to care everlastingly, to show affection, desire, or approve of, forever. Transformation is defined as an action of the noun transform, and means to change the shape or form of. This definition points out that something has been changed, their lives have been “transformed” into something else. Tragic is defined as calamitous, disastrous, fatal, or pertaining to tragedy which is defined as having an unhappy event, or disastrous with an unhappy ending. This definition points out that there has been a disastrous event that ends unhappily. It negates that love endures, that it lasts, because it has been changed into something else, transformed into something that doesn’t end happily. It is relevant for my thesis because it even if it was love that it...
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