film analysis: American Hustle

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Film Analysis: American Hustle
American Hustle is a 70s crime comedy; it contains a level of commentary about the nature of America and the illusion of Hollywood. The plot is simple yet confusing; it involves cons on top of cons, it involves love and deception. The director choose costumes that really brings back the feel of flashy dressed mobsters and he chose certain songs so the audience really gets a feel for the emotions that the actors are trying to portray. In the beginning of the film there is a slide card that says “some of this actually happened.” I think what the director was trying to say to the audience was that this movie is going to be somewhat serious but he also put on a playful comic twist. The main plot of the movie is that two con artists (Christian Bale and Amy Adams) get caught scamming a federal FBI agent (Bradley Cooper). Cooper then makes a deal with Bale and Adams, which is in order for them to go free they have to help Cooper bust four big cons. But the plot thickens, Bale and Adams find a new way to free themselves; they do this by conning Cooper himself right under his nose. A great part in the movie is that you’re not quite sure of who is scamming who; it really keeps you on the tip of your toes. Personally I felt that the director stretched the movie a little too far, a few times it did become a little boring and you just wanted to stop watching but you wanted to keep going, you wanted to see how everything comes together. It was like waiting for the grand finale of a fire work show, you just knew the ending was going to be great.
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