Film Analysis

Topics: Camera angle, Reality television, Film Pages: 2 (910 words) Published: May 3, 2015
Film Analysis Socratic Seminar

1. How did the actors’ portrayal of “normal” people affect Truman’s personality? In a “normal” world, nothing is really normal. Each day is different from the one before, and each one the one before that. However, in Truman’s world, everything goes (almost) exactly as planned by the tv show makers, every line, every action, every camera angle is basically planned for every minute of the show. This is shown through all the “backstage” things that are shown, as well as parts in Truman’s world when the cars turn into place on the street, and when each person walks at the same time day. But in the world we live in, nothing is predictable, anything could happen at any time. What is eliminated in Truman’s “normal” world is (as Christof says at the end): fear. Truman almost experience no fear for his world is completely safe. This is reflected in his bright, kind, and cheerful personality. In his world, really nothing is against him, or trying to hurt/harm him. With much less negativity in his world, Truman develops a very unique personality in this simple, but not necessarily normal world.

2. a. How was the “perfect world” portrayed? b. Do you agree with the show’s creator when he says it is better to live in a perfect world because you wouldn’t be afraid? a. The “perfect world” is portrayed as a world where everything is predictable and planned out. Each person did something at a certain time, each car drove by at a certain time, and each word was carefully planned out to be said at a person time. In such a “perfect world,” everything is safe. b. I do not agree with the show’s creator when he says it is better to live in a perfect world. Humans are meant to be humans, and from as early as anyone knows, humans have to survive. Out innate behaviors do not coincide well with a perfect world, we like adventures, we like to explore, we do not like to be cooped up in a totally safe and perfect place. Fear is a national factor...
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