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When Harry Met Sally
SzuHan Jen
Sociology 1
Professor Randolph Pratt
Section 42207
May 24, 2014

When Harry met Sally
When Harry met Sally is a romantic comedy which look into different point of view from men and women. The film starts with Harry and Sally traveling to New York together from Chicago 19777. They talks about how men and women can ever just be “friend”, and Harry and Sally had totally different thoughts about it. Harry thinks men and women can never be just “friend” because all the men does not want to be friends with attractive women, all men want is to have sex with attractive women. However, Sally believes that all men and women can just be “friend” and share everything in their life. They never became friend after they get to New York because of different point of view. The movie changed to several years later, Harry and Sally does not have a wonderful relationship with their own partners and they start to going out together just like friend. They start to realize how life had change their original thoughts and they can easily talk about anything even though they still have some disagreement. At the end of the movie, Harry and Sally are finally together, and really understand how men and women can just be friend and partners.

Society normally views men are stronger in relationship, and men does not grief after break up or divorce. Men can easily recover from it and start moving forward. When Harry divorced with his wife, he act just like how society views a men and he start looking for women to have sex with. He believes that this is the way to move forward. At this point, Sally does not agree with what Harry believes. She thinks the better way to for people to move forward is to improve themselves and she also believes that she had already moved forward. She start to take yoga classes to make herself a better person. However, they both realized it is not as simple as they think. When Harry met his ex-wife, he pretend...
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