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Topics: Bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum, The Hero with a Thousand Faces Pages: 4 (1568 words) Published: October 15, 2013
Joseph Campbell Hero’s Journey
Joseph Campbell described the hero's journey as occurring in a cycle consisting of three phases: Departure, where the hero leaves his comfortable and familiar world and ventures into the darkness of the unknown; Initiation, where the hero is subjected to a series of tests in which he must prove his character; and Return, in which the hero brings the boon of his quest back for the benefit of his people. The hero's journey is about growth and passage. The journey requires a separation from the comfortable, known world, and an initiation into a new level of awareness, skill, and responsibility, and then a return home. Each stage of the journey must be passed successfully if the initiate is to become a hero. To turn back at any stage is to reject the need to grow and mature. In this analysis, I have chosen Bounty Hunter and One for the Money. Bounty Hunter is a1 hour and 50 minutes movie, directed by Andy Tennant, written by Sarah Thorp. Released on March 19th 2010, a genre of Adventure, Romance and Comedy. Stars Gerrard Butler and Jennifer Anniston. The movie is about an unfortunate bounty hunter Milo Boyd jumps for joy at the vista of tracking down his bail-skipping ex-wife, Nicole Hurley, but gets a tough dosage of reality when the task proves tougher than expected. Every time Milo gets close to quick-witted reporter Nicole, she gives him the fall. A prestigious assassinate has been committed, and Nicole is determined to stay out of jail long enough to break the case. And she must be getting close, because now someone is trying to take them both out. Maybe their marriage did not work, but if Milo and Nicole can just stay alive long enough to solve the murder, they sure are a good team after all. One for the Money is a1 hour and 46 minutes movie, directed by Julie Anne Robinson, written by Janet Evanovich. Released on May 15th 2012, a genre of Action, Thriller, Comedy and Crime. Stars Daniel Sunjata, Jason O’Mara and Katherine...
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