Topics: Tous les matins du monde, Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe, Viol Pages: 3 (789 words) Published: October 16, 2013

The film Tous les Matins du Monde, produced in 1991, stars Jean-Pierre Marielle, Gerard Depardieu and Anne Brochet as the main characters of the film (IMDB). This film is set in seventeenth century France where music was a prominent part of French culture and was a part of everyday entertainment everywhere from the great palace of Versailles to the small countryside villages. At the time, orchestral music was very popular and the learning to play the violin and or cello were of the utmost important during the time period if one desired to succeed in the entertainment industry.

In this film, a musically gifted Sainte Colombe loses his wife in the outskirts of France during the late 17th century. In order to channel his grief into productivity, Sainte Colombe crafts a small practice room separate from his house where he stayed for hours on end everyday without any social interactions to unleashed his free spirit in the form of many sonatas and cello gift to his daughters who soaked up music lessons like a sponge. One day, a young man with the name of Marin Marais comes rapping on his door pleading for Sainte Colombe to pass on his skill to his amateur skills. Saint Colombe and Marin Marais eventually get into an argument due to Saint Colombe’s emotional unrest and annoying frequent temper tantrums. Saint Colombe banishes Marin from his house but Marin finds a way to stay around and receive music lessons by seducing Colombe’s naïve and foolish daughter who easily exchanges music lessons for the love of Marin Marais. Marais leaves the daughter once he has bore the daughter with a child and goes to the big city to pursue his career as a fine entertainer in the beautiful palace of Versailles. The thoughtless daughter was used to the very end because she was so enamored by the thought of having Marais around in her life. Marais had used her entire soul- everything from her natural musical gift, to taking her virginity. At the conclusion of the film, Marais...
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