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All of us would like to have a good past memories. As we all know high school life is the crucial part of becoming into grown-ups teenager. Once you enter high school things change, "some of your best friends become bitches. Homework goes in the trash; cell phones are being used in class. Detention becomes suspension, soda becomes beer, and gum becomes pot. Bikes become cars. Lollipops become cigarettes. Lip-gloss becomes makeup. French kisses become sex." High school can become the best or worst years of your life. Of course as we grow older and will be attending homecoming, all of us would want to reminisce good memories. This movie is represented by the main cast namely Enchong Dee as Lloyd, Xian Lim as Joax, Enrique Gil as Boggs and Kean Cipriano as Pat. Together with their leading ladies Jessy Mendiola as Ali, Megan Young as Toyang, Julia Montes as Ligaya, Bangs Garcia as Shirley and Cristine Reyes as Ara. The story goes around with them. Each has its own funny, exciting and challenging love story which is paramount to watch about. This Filipino teen comedy film is directed by Frasco Mortiz and distributed by Star Cinema released last August 2012.

This movie is about four men who are best friends since high school. Enchong Dee as Lloyd is seen to be nerdy and conservative. Xian Lim as Joax is distinguished to be boastful. Enrique Gil as Boggs is known to be womanizer. Then Kean Cipriano as Pat is identified to be a music lover. They have realized that each other has a feeling of not moving on through their ex-girlfriends because of the bad past or memories they did way back in high school. Several years later they wanted to find the true meaning of love and happiness as they decided to meet again for a reunion. They have their own journey to find their true love.

The main theme of the movie deals about life and love. Life is about making mistakes and learning from them, nobody's perfect, we are all different in our own way....
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