Filipro Inc.

Topics: Management, Unfair labor practice, National Labor Relations Act Pages: 3 (334 words) Published: September 18, 2011
Time Frame: 1984

Perspective: As a consultant

Statement of the Problem:

• Union strike at Alabang and Cabuyao Plants of Filipro Inc. because of unfair labor practices.


• To solve the problem between the management and the employees of the Filipro Inc.

Areas of considiration

SWOT Analysis:


• Products are in demand in the market.

• Stable and profitable organization.


• Unfair labor practices of their management.


• Can introduce more health based products.

• Market acceptance abroad

• Well-known products


• Competition between Filipro Inc. and CFC & Common Wealth Foods.

• Filipro inc. might lose the possible sources of funds.

Alternative Courses of Action:

• ACA 1- Give the demand of the Union of Filipro Employees (UFE) concerning about the union affairs and labor practices. Discuss to the employees about giving the CBA, if they want to receive it fully or undergo retroactive.

• ACA 2- Improve the task of the grievance committee and the management in Alabang and Cabuyao plants regarding with the demands of the employees. Give fair treatment among the employees in Alabang and Cabuyao plants like in the other plants financially and morally.

• ACA 3- Communicate with the possible investors and creditors to invest in Filipro Inc. to acquire funds and meet the demands of the employees after the agreement of the Filipro and the new investors and creditors.


• ACA 2

Action Plan:

• Set a meeting and discuss the demands and problems between the management and the union. Analyze the demands and choose which demands agreeable to the both parties.

• Improve the task of the grievance committee and the human resource management in the Alabang and Cabuyao...
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