Filipinos Traditional Courtship

Topics: Courtship, Dating, Mating Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: February 28, 2011
Courtship is still one being strictly practiced between Filipino families. Carry out by the male, who is the suitor, visiting the home of the female. But in these previews generation of today new ways are being brought up. Is it still ideal to practice this traditional long process of courtship? Or it is more preferable now the instant courtship and breaking up.

In the olden days in Filipino culture, courtship doesn't commence until the male suitor had get hold of the consent of the parents. Another way is like approaching the parents in a public place, and casually asking for approval to visit. It is to show apt respect to ask for permission for formal visit. From this things a true spirit of determination and sincerity are apparent, showing one of the best traits of Filipinos traditional courtship.

Intensifying this kind of character makes us survive in the world that is full of uncertainty, pains, suffering, competition and striving for the best. Giving the hardest you can give to have the person that you love. Anything you will do. Like everything is important and you will do all of it with determination. Everything you give is all out of pure love and sincerity. All these things make the true ideal courtship that we should always aim for. True qualities of Filipino courtship that should be always practice, be continued and not be neglected.

Emerging modern tactic or contemporary easy means of courtship are in trend. Like just being text mate and online chatting to know each other, instant online dates/blind dates and abrupt relationship. These things are samples of new emergent ways of courtship or courting. Only shows how technology really affects our life, making life easier and faster. Unconsciously make us forgot the essence of what real courtship is. Make us being used to know a person effortlessly and in instantaneously. Thus sometimes result to unsuccessful relationships. Result to dishonesty and cheatings that are the primary problem of...
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