Filipino Patriotism? Dying?

Topics: Flag of the United States, Philippines, Pinoy Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: June 24, 2013


As time passes by, a person’s traits, behavior and personality changes generation to generation, some changes are positive and some are negative, but does Filipino traits today a positive or a negative change when we relate it to the love for our country? Filipinos today are somehow unpredictable. Why? Of course we’re not god to predict what they can or will do that somehow can put the country to shame. But as you can see, we, Filipino’s can do everything now, thanks to our ancestors who successfully freed our country, but sadly some are abusing or overusing the gifts we received from our ancestors. Feeling free and can do everything, Filipinos somehow became spoiled, that they only think and do things for theirselves, never for the country. Some says that ALL the Filipinos who work abroad are considered as Filipino patriots. Let’s see. Why do you think some Filipino’s went to other countries just to work? Is it for our country? Or is it because of our country? Many workers reasons are that they need to gain higher amount of money everyday to sustain their and their family needs that they have to sacrifice their lives for their family. It’s really for their family not for the country, yes they are heroes: heroes of their own family. You see, nowadays, you’ll never hear these sentence anymore: “oh, I went to other countries for our own country.” It’s just a sad thing that we make ourselves believe that when we work abroad we might be already a Filipino patriot, but the real thing is, we are leaving our country behind, we never know that maybe someone out there needs us so bad that when we cooperate with them to contribute in raising our country’s economy. And have you ever noticed that some people, permanently leave this country after they earned enough money, and the worst, others, denies or are ashamed of their nationality. A Filipino in new York posted this, “Deep down inside every Filipino...
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