Filipino Language and Rizal

Topics: Philippines, Filipino language, Metro Manila Pages: 4 (1354 words) Published: April 3, 2013
To My Fellow Children

In this poem you can see that Rizal at the young age, already know how to write poetry like this and in his work ‘Sa Aking Mga Kababata’ or ‘To My Fellow Children’ shows how he loves our country and how nationalism he is. In this poetry shows how much important we must love our native language because this is us, our language shows who we really are, and we must use this and be proud because in this Rizal’s poetry, it tells us that if we love our native tongue this will be the tool to latch the true liberty. Rizal encourages Filipino to adopt the Tagalog as their language because this is our very own and when we use Tagalog as our language because this will show how much we love our own country. Our native language is a gift from above that we must appreciate and use and love. We must be grateful that we have our language and use this because this is the step to liberty. We must not put first the foreign language because just like Rizal said it is worse than any best or evil smelling fish. And those Filipinos who patronize the foreign language must be ashamed and they were gaining colonial mentality without our awareness. Who patronize the foreign language must be ashamed because they are forgetting that they have own language that must be use and valued. There should be no hierarchy that the Filipino is the least. For rejecting it is like denying ourselves of who we really are. Tagalog is our very own and when we are going to use Tagalog, it’s like you are acting or showing that you love your native country and are proud of being a Filipino that is distinct from other people who use language other than Tagalog. Loving your own native language is like having the feeling of enriching your own country and the language that was taught to you that you should learn to love and be proud of. We should treat Tagalog language the same as any mother loves to feed her young. We should be thankful that God gave us native language and Rizal making...
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