Filipino Language and Green Card Bearer

Topics: Philippines, Filipino language, A Story Pages: 15 (3262 words) Published: August 13, 2011
Group 1 (Cheng, Uy, Alipio)
Short Story: Wedding Dance
Poem: Bonsai

Group 2 (Rosabal, Gocela, Gamalinda)
Short Story: The White Horse of Alih
Poem: Patalim

Group 3 (Barlin and Castillejo)
Short Story: Mayday Eve
Poem: Bihirang Masulat ang Kaligayahan

Group 4 (De Jesus, Dela Cruz, Sioco)
Short Story : My Brother’s Peculiar Chicken
Poem: Poem 10

Group 5 (Chen, Uy, Qiu)
Short Story: Dead Stars
Poem: Gabu

Group 6 (Fule, Lim, Quinzon)
Short Story: The Small Key
Poem: You Can Choose Your Afterlife

Group 7 (Jeanjaquet, Quiogue, Manzo)
Short Story: Ghost
Poem: Si Lola Isyang at ang Matandang Puna ng Kaimito

Group 8 (Tumulak, Brucelas, Casas)
Short Story: Rice
Poem: What Poetry Does Not Say

Group 9 (Lopez, Gonzales, Lunaria)
Short Story: Sayonara
Poem: The Sorrow of Distances

Group 10 (Lee, Sarmenta, Teodoro)
Short Story: Bread of Salt
Poem: Isang Dipang Langit

Group 11 (Vardeleon, Tiu, Gabana)
Short Story: The Day the Dancers Came
Poem: Confessions of a Green Card Bearer

Group 12 (Zabala, Batoon, Rico)
Short Story: Children of the City
Poem: Filipino American Barbie

Questions for Reporting

|Short Stories |Poems | |GROUP 1 | | |Wedding Dance |Bonsai | |What is a wedding dance? |Explain the art of bonsai. What is the significance of the title to | |Explain the conflict of the story. |its theme of love? | |What tradition-old beliefs and customs did Lumnay want to rebel |Describe the persona. | |against? |Why is there a need to compartmentalize love ( as something which can | |Characterize the main characters. ( Direct and Indirect|be folded or kept in a box or shoe)? Defend your answer. | |) |State other definitions of love and come up with your images | |Initially, Lumnay decided to go to the dance to make a mockery of the |signifying it. | |tribe’s beliefs and traditions but upon seeing the bonfire, she |How does the poem relocate love in the Philippine setting even as it | |changed her mind. What did she see in it? |alludes to foreign cultures ( Japanese or Indian )? | |Discuss the ending of the story as Lumnay touched the bean pods. | | |Explain the line, “The stretching of bean pods full length from the | | |hearts of the wilting petals would go on.” | | |GROUP 2 | | |White Horse of Alih |Patalim | |Why does Alih, who has brown complexion like the rest of the people in|How is love depicted in the poem? | |the town, feel like an alien and does not belong? |Explain the metaphor of dagger to signify the couple’s undying love | |What are some common misconceptions about Moros? Why do you think we |for...
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