Filipino Culinary and Tourism Hospitality

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Review of related literature
According to Pizam’s article (1982), the tourism and hospitality industry has been applauded by industrialized and developing countries for the number of jobs created. A large amount of position vacancy is generated within the tourism industry and the supported industries. As a labor-intensive industry, its contribution to employment is not only restricted to the area or country but it also provides those jobs to women, youngsters, unskilled, minorities and the socially disadvantaged who find it very hard to get any jobs (Pizam, 1982). However, the unskilled and semi-skilled workers who are directly employed in the industry are usually considered to be the uneducated, unmotivated, untrained, unskilled, and unproductive employees (British Tourist Authority, 1974).In addition to provide good quality of food and services for tourists, effort should be made to promote any dishes that are unique to the area for tourists to enjoy at least trying the local cuisine. Wider consumption of local cuisine helps to grow national economic since it’s optimally utilizing local produces. The culinary journey will gave visitors an insight into the lifestyle, culture and tradition of people.Pizam has identified the impacts related between the characteristics of modern society and the characteristics of the tourism industry on the work environment, since 1982 (Exhibit 1), but how relevant are they in today’s tourism and hospitality industry? And are there any causes that can affect employees’ performance? If yes, how?Even though the article was written in 1982, it is a fact that the characteristics of modern society and the characteristics of the industry on the tourism and hospitality work environment are still affecting employees’ performance and their productivity today. The characteristics of the industry can be identified as internal factors and the characteristics of modern society can be classified as external factor.
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