Filipino Artist

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Famous Filipino Artist
Fernando Amorsolo - Most of his paintings portrayed the Filipino culture, tradition, and customs like Filipino fiestas. He became popular because of his illuminated landscapes and his historical paintings on which you can see the real reflection of a Filipino soul. Some of his major works were:

* The Bombing of the Intendencia (1942)
* Bataan
* Assasination of Governor Bustamanta
* The Burning of Manila
* Afternoon Mealof the Workers (1939)
* Dalagand Bukid (1936)
* The Explosion (1944)
* The Mestiza (1943)
* Maiden in a Stream (1921)
* Princess Urduja
* Sunday Morning Going to Town
* The Rape of Manila (1942)
Fabian dela Rosa (uncle of the famous Filipino painter Fernando Amorsolo) He painted more than 1000 artworks which included: * Women Working in a Rice Field
* The Death of General Lawton
* Transplanting Rice (1904)
* La Pintora (1926)
* La bordadora (1926)
* Landscape with Dark Trees
* Marikina Road (1939)
* View of Sta. Ana
Ang Kiukok was born in Davao, City on May 1, 1931. He was well known visual artist and is considered one of the National Artists of the Philippines. His parents were half Filipino and Chinese. He enrolled at the University of Sto. Thomas and met his mentor and lifelong friend Vicente Manansala. He used certain styles in his paintings like cubism, surrealism, and expressionism. He also painted multiple illustration of Christ's Crucifixion. * Maningning Miclat was born in Beijing, China on April 15, 1972 but she was a Filipino. She was well remembered because of her bamboo Zen paintings and her poetry. She spoke three languages, Filipino, English and Mandarin. She was a fellow of the University of the Philippines' National Writers Workshop and Siliman National Writers Workshop. Some of her poetry publications and painting were: * Wo De Shi - The first book of poems published in 1987

* Maningning: An Exhibit...
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