Filipinas Dentro De Cien A Os

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Filipinas Dentro
De Cien Años

The Philippines: A Century Hence
By: Dr. Jose P. Rizal 

 Originally written in Spanish as
“Filipinas Dentro De Cien
 Translated in English by
Charles E. Derbyshire
 One of the most significant
political works of the Filipino
Reform movement in Spain

 Written in four installments
 One of the most important
political works published in La
 Published in Madrid between
Sept. 30,1889 – Jan. 31,1890
 Written to foretell the future of
the country within a hundred

Rizal presented an idea of how
the Philippines will end up a
hundred years later

will try to cut
ties of our
with its

will remain to
be a colony of
Spain but in
good terms
with its

will be
colonized by

Rizal exposed several issues
that concerns our country

Lack of Freedom
Abuse of Human Rights
Lack of Freedom of the Press

Part 1: Foreshadowing of past

 Oppressive Colonization by Spain Filipinos
become ashamed of their culture.
 Developed Colonial Mentality
 Racial Discrimination by Spanish journalist and
friars the educated Filipinos who sought
 Reformists dealt violently.

 According to Rizal, enlightenment is
spreading among Filipinos. The
Philippines has experienced misfortunes
scattering all over its islands and to
brutalized its people is unacceptable.
These common misfortunes gave way
in awakening the Filipino spirit.

Part 2: Change cannot be

 People are thirsting for
reformation. The current colonial
policies need to adjust with the
people’s growing need. If not,
people would seek Civil liberties
and national identities different
from Spain.

Part 3: What Spain could do to
keep Philippines a colony

 Reforms must come from its
authorities to be peaceful and
effective. It cannot come from the
masses for there will be

Part 4: People towards Spanish

 Filipinos would do everything to
obtain just a little education and if
Filipinos were intelligent enough to
pay taxes, then they’re also
intelligent enough to elect
representatives to guide them.


 In short, the Philippine will remain under the
Spanish Colonization if and only if she enters
the path of rightful and civilized life, if the
rights of her people is respected, if they are
granted of what they should have, if the
liberal policy of the government is carried out
without shackles, meanness and false

I. Stages that would lead to

 1. Spain doses not embrace the
 2. Spain would be over thrown but
replaced with another power.

II. Which of the other colonial powers
would overtake the Philippines

 Rizal emphasized some countries that
would have no interest over the country.
European nation were too concerned with
Africa. England had empires such as
India, Hong Kong, Shanghai and
Singapore. France had Vietnam and
Dutch saw a better future over Indonesia.
Germany on the other hand had been
avoiding all foreign entanglements.

 “Perhaps the great American
Republic with interest in the
Pacific and without a share in
the partition of Africa may one
day think of acquiring
possessions beyond the seas .”

 Within a decade after Rizal had
written the essay. Admiral
Dewey’s force sailed to Manila
Bay in May 1898 and 50 years
after Rizal’s death, Philippines
gained its independence in July

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