Filial Piety

Topics: Family, Sociology, Gerontology Pages: 3 (1083 words) Published: November 1, 2011
Essay about using ‘filial piety’ as an example, explain how cultural practices/values change Introduction and background:
When it comes to filial piety, it should be a complex concept with different meaning and value in distinct period and region. Dating back to the history of filial piety, Chinese Confucian is the most representative pillar which claims: A respect for the parents and ancestors. However, filial piety is not unique for Chinese. East Asia country like Japan and Korea also had the similar concept, which had been highly influenced by Chinese culture. In some religion, Christian and Buddhism introduce some ideas of filial piety. However, the content of filial piety refers to be respect to elders, closed tied with family, and sense of obligation. In the past times, filial piety in main Chinese family emphasized and restrict in obedience to elders. For centuries, filial piety has guided the attitude and behaviors of parental care in China. However, in western countries, the main feature is to stress friendship on relationship between parents and children, besides love and respect. Since privacy and Independent are much more valued, filial piety seems to be redefined in western country ways. With economy and technology highly advancing, culture value has faced great changes which also hit filial piety. Moreover, governments try to promote and perfect social welfare to elders in policies and laws. So the practice of filial piety is differentiated: Birth-death, social position, access to resources, adoption, abandoned, and so on. Filial piety is weakening in the relationship of subordinate between parents and children. They are gradually standing in communication position to express their wishes to each other. Values and practices of filial piety is motivating with times changing. Central Argument

Filial piety has entered into the transformation in family structure because of economy changes. Nowadays, people can earn a higher income...
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