Topics: Angeles City, Private school, Pampanga Pages: 1 (399 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Jose Rodrigo Y. Zubiri February 5, 2013 POS 100-H Anne Candelaria “Politics in My Hometown”
Local government in Angeles City, Pampanga, my hometown, has been ruled under the political dynasties of the Lazatin’s and Nepomuceno’s for the past several decades. According to my parents and yaya (a retired teacher of a local public school here in Angeles), the Nepomuceno’s are known throughout the whole Angeles city to be one of the wealthiest (if not the wealthiest) families in Angeles. They own and have monopolized our local ice plant, electric power plant, and multiple institutions including the largest university in Angeles, one private high school, 2 subdivisions and 1 cemetery. Plenty of these are not only high-earning enterprises already in nature but their properties are also the ones that comprise of the high-end services in Angeles. I myself have just discovered that my family and I have been living in a house, for 17 years (renting), owned by the Nepomucenos – inside their subdivision as well. Not only do they dominate the private sector but also the local government sector as well and have held about 20 positions (mostly mayors) in the past 5 decades, which were taken by Nepomucenos. The Lazatins on the other hand are the more tamed ones here in Angeles. They have had a substantial amount of members who ruled over Angeles City and also Pampanga as well in general. The Lazatins are native to Angeles and our current congressman is from the Lazatin family as well. They are not like the Nepomucenos however and have not engaged excessively in businesses. Last 2010 elections, neither a Nepomuceno nor Lazatin won the position for Mayor. Presently, our Mayor is Ed Pamintuan (whose niece was my girlfriend back then during the time of elections). The Pamintuans are new to politics here in Angeles and mayor Pamintuan has already declared and vowed to end political dynasties here in our city. Because of...
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