File System and Nokia N8

Topics: File system, Nokia, Flash memory Pages: 4 (894 words) Published: November 17, 2012
We have recently tried XEON Belle Refresh CFW on our Nokia N8 upon user recommendations and its really good and stable. Xeon’s CFW has only English and Italian languages. (Italian as default, you can change it into English later on). Detailed change-logs are available after the break. Before you start following this tutorial, we recommend you to have a look at Cfficial Nokia Belle Refresh Change-logs. THIS CUSTOM FIRMWARE IS ONLY FOR NOKIA N8, DO NOT TRY IT ON ANY OTHER DEVICE OR YOU’LL BRICK IT UP. PLEASE DO NOT ASK WHETHER THIS CUSTOM FIRMWARE WOULD BE AVAILABLE FOR ANY OTHER DEVICE, OTHER THAN NOKIA N8. Xeon Belle Refresh 3.4.7 for N8 – Change-log

111.040.1511 – S^4 Xeon 3.4.7 – 23/10/2012
-Update Qt WebKit 4.8.2
-Fix +System+ (Rimozione Social)

- New Music player 
- Dolby Digital effects for headphones added
- Belle FP1 Multi Tasking Manager 
- Custom THEME EFFECTS (C:/Animations/Effects)
- Modded Widgets and Clocks
- Hacked – can install all unsigned apps / games / widgets without certificate errors - Battery and Signals made colorful
- Signals Symbol Changed
- Starting Bootscreen added
- More than 6 homescreens can be added
- Camera Mute Mod added
- Resume downloads from the internet in default web browser
- Vibration on phone lock / unlock removed
- 10 Music Equalizer Settings Added
- All Apps can be renamed
- Cache shifted to E:/
- Downloaded from N8 Fan Club
- Send protected files from default file manager
- Call logs will be saved for 999 days
- Added ROM PATCHER with Lots of Patches
How to Flash Xeon Belle Refresh 111.040.1511 on Nokia N8
YOU CAN ALSO TAKE HELP FROM OUR VIDEO TUTORIAL GUIDE OVER HERE 1. Download & Install Phoenix from here: PSS_2012.04.003.47798_latest.exe (Make sure to disable your Anti-virus to avoid Insert Nokia Dongle Error)

2. Download  All three files and extract them all to RM-596 folder. Password for extraction is: Xeon^4
Core:                  S4(3.4.7)R1.7z ...
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