File Management and File Systems

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File Management and File Systems

File Management and File Systems
Every computer system needs to have some way to manage the files that it contains. Whether or not the user even knows it, it is something the system does automatically. The way that each system manages files is different and unique. The way to save information on the system should make life simpler on the user. The differences of each of these file management systems are easy to outline, and even though the processes are very similar, they are definitely different. Typically, a file management system consists of system utility programs that run as privileged applications. However, at the very least, a file management system needs special services from the operating system; at the most, the entire file management system is considered part of the operating system (Stallings, 2012). Storage or file management is a major part of the Operating system. Understanding how it works and the concepts of file management may appear to be easy for the everyday user. However, where novices are concerned, understanding it can be overwhelming. Not understanding how it works and why is a necessity when owning a computer. Each user needs to understand that the file management is nothing more the gathering of information he or she may need for furfure use (Stallings, 2012). Within a file management tool, users can create, delete, read, write, backup, and modify files. Operating systems have similar file management interfaces, and if file mismanagement occurs, a user may have access to other users’ files. There are many ways a user can store information. Some of the ways are on a hard drive, compact disc, magnetic tape, or optical dive. Imagine a file system as an index card or a directory in which a folder contains the objectives whereabouts of every piece of data on a hard drive. When a novice user needs a certain file, they may enter into information in the search field. The...
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