File Management
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File Management Paper

POS 355
May 6, 2013

File Management Paper
There are issues that arise concerning file sharing in a multiuser system, and that is access rights and the management of simultaneous access. Access rights to a file is granted unique users whether singular or grouped. A flexible tool is provided to allow extensive file sharing among the users while providing a number of options so that certain access can be harnessed or controlled (Stallings , 2012).
Although a wide range of access is being used, there is still a list of representatives with access rights that can be designated to a certain user for a unique file. One way is masking the existence of the file, leaving the user oblivious to its existence. If by chance the user gain knowledge of the files existence and owner identification, a petition to the owner can be put in place to gain additional access rights. There are ways where the user can load and execute a program with copy restrictions. Propriety programs are an example of this because they are made accessible to users with this restriction (Stallings, 2012).
The only user with full access rights and the power to grant rights to others is the owner of the file created. There are also three classes of users provided said access by the owner. One- third of the class is a specific user, which are individual users who are assigned by a user id. User groups is the another class with a set of users that are not defined individually. The final class is granted to all users because the files are unrestricted (Stallings, 2012).
In a system that supports 5,000 users whereas 4,990 of those users are to be allowed access to a particular file, those users can be grouped up with their own specific access that has been set by administrative access. Most UNIX systems depend on file access control scheme with each user assigned unique user identification number or user ID. Since the access control data is focused on one singular place,

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