File Management

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Option 1- File Access
The first version of UNIX had a file access scheme where the users where assigned a UID known as a user identification number. The user was also apart many groups but had a main group. The groups where identified by a group id, so as files were created they were assigned to a user that had that particular id attached to the user.

The file is also put in a specific group; this would be the creator where it originated or the parent directory. Within the file it has something called protection bits and 9 of the bites have the permission read, write and execute. These permissions are for the owner of that particular file. When assigned to the directory the bits will be able to rename, delete or re-create files, this really helps to manage files that are in a shared directory.

Lastly, the access control scheme is really a simple protection for the domain structure. The domain is linked with the user and if anything is changed the user’s id will be affected.

Option 1- File Access Within UNIX there are two ways to allow users access to one file. First and for most you would need to create a list called and access control list with all 4990 users on it. Then add the 4990 users in a group giving the group access as they need it. You have to keep in mind that the scheme is not implemented since each group (s) can be restricted by the system.

Next would be giving all users universal access to the files, now if their name shows up on the access control list and has different permission then they will not have the access. Basically by doing using this scheme, you can put the remaining users (10) on the control list but you would not give them access privileges like the 4990 users have.

Instead of an access lists that coincide with each file, it would be better to have a user control list that is associated...
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