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Gross Margins for Selected Fruit,
Vegetable and Root Crops for the
Sugar Cane Belt in Fiji


Secretariat of the Pacific Community

compiled by David M. Leslie

March 2013

© Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) 2013

All rights for commercial / for profit reproduction or translation, in any form, reserved. SPC authorises the partial reproduction or translation of this material for scientific, educational or research purposes, provided that SPC and the source document are properly acknowledged. Permission to reproduce the document and/or translate in whole, in any form, whether for commercial / for profit or non-profit purposes, must be requested in writing. Original SPC artwork may not be altered or separately published without permission.

Original text: English

Secretariat of the Pacific Community Cataloguing-in-publication data

Leslie, David M.

Gross margins for selected fruit, vegetable and root crops for the sugar cane belt in Fiji / compiled by David M. Leslie

1. Agriculture — Fiji.
2. Root crops — Fiji.
3. Sugarcane — Fiji.
4. Sugarcane industry — Fiji.

I. Leslie, David M. II. Title III. Secretariat of the Pacific Community 633.6099611

ISBN: 978-982-00-0630-0


The gross margins have been prepared for the Land Resources Division, SPC in good faith on the basis of available best practice information. While the information has been prepared with all due care, users of the document are advised to conduct their own assessments for any crop enterprise or farming system (multiple crops) proposals they might consider. Also, while the information is considered accurate at the date of release, subsequent changes in commodity prices and direct costs may impact on the accuracy of the information.

Product trade names used are given on the understanding that no preference between equivalent products is intended and that the inclusion of a product does not imply endorsement over any other brand from another manufacturer.

Gross Margins For Selected Fruit, Vegetable And Root Crops For The Sugar Cane Belt In Fiji


The author wishes to acknowledge support of the Land Resources Division of The Secretariat of the Pacific Community, in particular Mr Inoke Ratukalou, for arranging funding from the European Union to complete this work.

Most grateful for the advice, information and support provided by Messrs Pauliasi Tuilau and Timoci Bogidua of Economic Planning and Statistics Division of MPI – their assistance has been invaluable. Also, for the current prices for fertiliser and spray products provided by Mr Silisitino Maela of AGCHEM Ltd, Lami is greatly appreciated.

Finally, to Margaret Leslie for word processing and formatting of the Word document and the Excel spreadsheet.


Gross Margins For Selected Fruit, Vegetable And Root Crops For The Sugar Cane Belt In Fiji

It gives me pleasure to present the “Gross Margins for Selected Fruits, Vegetables and Root Crops for the Sugar Cane Belt in Fiji” that has been compiled by David Leslie. This booklet provides a comprehensive, up-to-date source of information to assist farmers, extension officers, investors and all stakeholders involved with farm business assessment and planning, particularly for farmers to make informed decisions about farm enterprises and, ultimately, to maximise returns from agriculture in Fiji. It serves as an invaluable reference for sustainable growth in agriculture.

This is only the starting point because not all crops are yet included. Over time it is planned to add other crops and to look in more detail at the impact on farm profits of different markets, especially exporting. In the short term it provides useful information regarding the returns and costs associated with crop production enterprises. While the booklet contains...

References: ACIAR (2008)
— The Potential for Tropical Fruit Production in Tonga : A Feasibility and Constraints
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Samoa MAF (2009) — Farm Management Manual for Samoa
Retail Prices for Fertiliser and Spray Products
VAT inclusive price list (effective from 27.10.2012)
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