“Figures of Speech Are Sometimes Used to Effectively Convey a Sense of Place.”

Topics: Metaphor, Simile, Grammatical person Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: March 27, 2010
“Figures of speech are sometimes used to effectively convey a sense of place.” Explain and evaluate how this is achieved in text 22 and one other text of your choice.

Text 22 and text 23 both use figures of speech to effectively convey a sense of place. Text 22 is a private diary in second person singular, this is a positive view on travel, the writer’s attitudes and personality emerges with exuberance, energy and enthusiasm for the people she meets and the landscape she sees. The audience of this text are middle-aged writers particularly women. The primary purpose is to describe and the secondary purpose is to entertain. In contrast, text 23 is a third person narrative travel article from a magazine, the audience of this text is educated travellers and people interested in travel. The purpose of this text is primarily to inform, and secondarily to entertain (similarly to text 22). A negative and positive view of travel is expressed by the writer in text 23.

Text 22 uses figures of speech like personification and metaphors to convey a sense of place. Personification is used to describe the Helm Crag, “Helm Crag rose very bold and craggy, a being by itself” It is becoming a part of the beautiful surroundings described by the writer of the diary or maybe a monster as the adjectives bold and craggy are not blissful. The metaphor, “the river came galloping past the church” brings the river to life describing it like a horse, a horse is quite a pleasant spirited animal meaning the view of the writer was that of positivism towards horses maybe she rode horses regularly or even owned one, this shows the personality of the writer and her positive view on the nature and her surroundings. Also the metaphor, “the ashes glittering spears with their upright stems” this extra information in a long complex sentence brings life and personality to the trees, the writer obviously sees the nature of her landscape more alive and closer to her than her friends, as she describes...
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