Figures of Speech

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FigureS of Speech

Epithet- used to point out and impart strength or ornament to diction.

Ex. Everything is fair for Justin, the Just
Ivan, the Terrible was feared by his subjects

PUN- form of word play which suggests two or more meanings of similar sounding words for an intended humorous rhetorical effects.

Apostrophe- dead are addressed as if they are living, the absent as if they are present, inanimate objects and abstract as if they are persons.

Ex. Rizal! See the fair hopes of the Father Land
Hail to thee, Birthe Spirit!

Synecdoche- a part of something or someone is used to represent a whole thing or person.

Ex. The man request her hand in marriage
Lend me your ears

Allusion- a reference is made to some familiar fad in literature, history or religion.

Ex. The young medical worker has patience of Job.
In England’s green and pleasant Land.

Metonymy- one object may recall which it closely suggest.

Ex. Have you read Shakespeare?
Fifty sails entered the Harbor

Climax- the intensity of the thought/emotion gradually increases with each successive group of words or phrases.

Ex. He sacrificed his business his home and his honor for political gain. I came, I saw, I conquered

Anticlimax- climatic order is reversed.

Ex. He lost his wife, his child, his household goods and his dog in one full sweep.

FigureS of Speech

Assonance- repetition of same or similar vowel within a line

Ex. Do you like blue?
He received three emails today

Alliteration-repetition of initial consonant sounds.

Ex. A peck of peckled peppers
The sail seeds her own society

Repetition- act of doing or saying something over and over and over again.

Ex. I’m nobody! Who are you? Are you nobody too?

Consonance- repetition at close intervals, of final consonants

Ex. Blank and think
Strong and string
Glass and bass

Onomatopoeia- is a...
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