Figurative Language in Romeo and Juliet

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Metaphor, William Shakespeare Pages: 4 (1470 words) Published: March 18, 2011
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Language corresponds to countless appellations, as the expresser of thought and ultimate origin of philosophy, influencing the world of knowledge with its astonishing qualities. The very essence of cooperation and communication relies eternally on the inspired art of language, without which any possible human development could occur. Furthermore, the perception of verbal communication splits between two realms, reality and literature, constituting two linguistic variations, figurative and literal. Throughout the world of literature, figurative language adds depth and dimension to any work of writing. It describes something comprehendible on an imaginative level but not on a factual or literal level. Appealing to the imagination, figurative language provides new views, always implementing creative utilization of a comparison between different things. The unique and surprising comparisons resulting from the use of figurative language exist as flawless agents of description, acting as the perfect enhancement to a literary work. For instance, imagery becomes a powerful derivative from the effects of figurative language. These methods of literary enrichment served as wondrous devices utilized to a great extent by the acclaimed playwright and tragedian, William Shakespeare. Of every masterpiece presented by this praised artist, the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet remains unsurpassed in skill and prolific utilization of figurative language, including numerous direct comparisons such as metaphors and similes, puns, and personification as well.

Initially, similes and metaphors subsist throughout Shakespeare’s tragic play due to his unprecedented ability to formulate effectual direct comparisons, usually concerning love and beauty. “As daylight doth a lamp; her eyes in heaven would through the airy region stream so...

Cited: Shakespeare, William. Romeo and Juliet. ed. John Crowthy. New York: Spark Publishing, 2003.
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