Fighting Ruben Wolfe Essay

Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: April 13, 2011
In the novel “fighting Ruben Wolfe” many family and social issues are raised. One of these is “Ruben may win more fights but Cameron is the real winner.” This topic became apparent after every fight in which Cam was knocked to the ground and every time he got right back up and continued he never gave up, and also in the quote “I walk with Rube and Bumper on either side of me...the blood is drying on my skin. My legs move forward. Once more...just keep walking, I tell myself. Head up. Head up, I chant, but still concentrate on y’feet. Don’t fall down.” Cameron says this after he is knocked unconscious during a fight. This shows that even though he didn’t win the fight physically he won it mentally. He left the ring with all he had left. His pride. Rube wins his fights physically but he isn’t proud of this. There is evidence of this in the quote “Y’know Cam, I’ve thought about it, and I think I like your money better than mine.” Rube’s money is from winning fights whilst Cameron’s is from fighting with heart. Rube is tired of winning. He is ready to start fighting. He made this clear when he said “... But anyone can stop you being a winner. Only you yourself can make you stop fighting...anyway fighting’s harder” and in the quote “There’s only so long you can win for, because someone can always beat you. On the other hand, if you learn how to fight, you can fight forever, even when you get belted.” The last quote was referring to him and Cam. He was the one that could only win for so long whilst Cameron was the one that could fight forever. The victories that Rube does have, he lets get to him. It becomes distinguishable that Rube lets his victories get to him when Cam says “Next, I’m shocked. Shocked, because my brother stops and they look at each other. Next thing she has him in her mouth. She’s swallowing his lips. They’re against the wall. Girl, Rube, wall. Pushed up against each other. Merging. He kisses her hard for a fair while. Open tongue, hands...
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