Fight Or Flight Response Essay

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Humans emotions are closely tied to the biological makeup of the nervous system and the individual's emotional state. The fight or flight response is one of the most commonly talked about emotional reactions to a dangerous or frightening situation. Fight or flight response works together with the nervous system and the individual's emotions by producing an emotional and physical response to the situation in the individual. These responses are created through the nervous system and the individual's own emotions reactions to the fight or flight response being activated.
Human emotions are very temporary aspects of our beings. Emotions tend to have very clear beginnings, ending quickly, but vary in the intensity at which we feel them. The central...

One of the most effective displays of emotion is through body language. The body’s position often reflects the individual's emotions, and can also be used to provide an individual with power in a situation. Body language is a result of the nervous system in the brain observing a situation and sending signals out to the rest of the body on how to respond. For example, during fight or flight and individuals will appear tense and may unconsciously get into a crouching position that will allow the individual to either fight or flee. If someone is thinking about attacking and you suddenly crouch down into a fighting stance, they may think twice about attacking you. On the other hand if you are threatened and shrink up then your attacker will seem you as a vulnerable target. Furthermore, the autonomic nervous system produces physiological changes that coincide with the individual's emotions. For example, when an individual is nervous the palms may become sweaty or their heart rate may increase. The change in heart rate provides the body with the ability to perform any action that may be generated by an emotional experience. In a fight or flight reaction an individual's heart rate will increase to provide the individual with the ability to get away or fight through their situation. An individual's emotions and nervous system greatly affect the physical reactions to a fight or flight...
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