Fight Club Movie Analysis

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Kory Weener
Film Review 2
Fight Club is a psychoanalytical film that addresses the themes of identification, freedom and violence. It acknowledges Freud’s principle which stresses that human behavior is the result of psychological conflicting forces and in order to analyze these forces, there needs to be a way of tapping into peoples minds. The narrator tells his personal journey of self-discovery through his alter ego and his schizophrenic experiences. The movie is told through a sequence of events is told through a flashback that starts with insomnia. Jack starts attending support groups for testicular cancer survivors that let him release his emotions and can finally is able to sleep at night. Although he pretends to be someone he isn’t, he becomes addicted to these support groups because he has met people who will listen to him and feel sorry for his problems. His apartment explodes and he moves in with a man, who he had just met on a plane ride, who teaches him lessons about freedom and empowerment. When Jack is upset about losing all his belongings, Tyler warns him that his possessions will own him.

They find a new therapy in beating each other up which they call Fight Club. Others join the elite fighting club and Jack is completely consumed with his new lifestyle and becomes uninvolved with his life at work. The story twists and Jack’s life becomes unstable when Tyler turns Fight Club into a cult. He starts questioning Tyler’s motives and has to go against his alterego to protect the woman he realizes he cares about. His journey to find his alterego is the basis of the film, which helps Jack to finally find his identity.

Fight Club was directed by David Fincher. He also directed other popular movies, including ****.
The purpose of the film has social, economic, political and artistic elements in it. In the social aspect, the movie addresses how people should live and act around others. It brings up how a...
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