Topics: Personality psychology, Dissociative identity disorder, Mental disorder Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: November 7, 2010
In the movie, “Fight Club”, a narcoleptic insomniac (played by Edward Norton) wants to change his life so he starts up a club with Tyler Durden(played by Brad Pitt) where people from all over the city come to fight. The club turns into something much bigger throughout the movie and fighting is not the only thing that they do. The narrator has many problems and feels like he is getting left out of the club even though he was one of the people who started it. Durden became the leader and the club and the club vandalized and planned to destroy all the banks, so that no debt would exist. Throughout the movie the narrator is going through problems and the viewer soon learns that Tyler and the Narrator is the same person with Multiple Personality Disorder. When the narrator is sleeping or imagining Tyler, he actually is Tyler. The narrator does not want to be Tyler, so at the end of the movie he tries to stop all of the plans to bomb the banks but is stopped by Tyler. The movie ends with the narrator shooting himself in the cheek, which kills Tyler. Also, all the banks get destroyed at the end. Relevant Theory

Multiple Personality Disorder or Dissociative Identity Disorder is where a person has one or more alternative personalities. Each other personality comes out involuntarily at a spontaneous time. Most people suffering from this disorder get amnesia and cannot remember what their alternative personality did. This disorder has a very rare occurrence and is normally caused by the person being abused as a child or trying to drown out certain things. Doctors say that the person leaves the body and lets someone else take control because they do not want to experience any other terrible things. It is hard to believe that this disorder actually exists because it is so far out there, but it does exist. Relating theory to movie

“Fight Club” does a decent job at portraying Multiple Personality Disorder. At the beginning of the movie we learn that the narrator has a...
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