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This photograph was taken by Benvolio Montague shortly after Mercutio (right) had received his fatal wound from Tybalt (left) from under Romeo’s (center) arm

The city of Verona is in a state of

disarray today, following a street brawl involving members of the rival Montague and Capulet families.
Around midday yesterday, Mercutio (a good friend of Romeo Montague) got into a sword fight with Tybalt Capulet. Having seen his good friend Mercutio slain, Romeo engaged Tybalt in combat – resulting in the death of the latter.

According to a recollection by witness Benvolio Montague, it was Tybalt whom came up to Romeo asking for a fight. When Romeo declined, Mercutio stepped in and accepted the challenge. Whilst the two were brawling, Romeo went into the middle and attempted to break it up. However, Tybalt managed to hit Mercutio from under Romeo’s arm, fatally injuring him. Romeo then retaliated on Mercutio’s part and killed Tybalt. Mercutio, apparently annoyed at being caught up in this petty family feud, was quoted to have said ‘A plague upon both your families’ as his life was sapped away. Romeo has not been given the death penalty for murder because, according to the mayor, he was ‘Giving Tybalt the death penalty, which he would have received anyway’. However, Romeo has not escaped totally unscathed - he has been banished from Verona, although he has not been escorted out as of yet. Having killed a member of the Capulet family, there has been an explosion of rumours concerning a number of assassins and a price on Romeo’s...
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