Fifty Years from Now

Topics: Difference, Personal life, African American Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: May 19, 2013
My Vision
As a Christian I believe only God knows the future. Fifty years from now I visualize the world different in many ways, however, similar in others: Differences could range from the environment to entertainment. Whereas, similarity can range from lifestyle and work place or vice versa. Do not get me wrong or think I am blaspheming, but purely revealing my imagination. Haiti is where I live, it is my home. My possible scenario for the future of Haiti is…

In Haiti, I foresee lifestyle continuing as a major problem. Everyone has an individual way of living, but I want to address our selfishness. People these days are attaching to objects as if they are idols. People view themselves first and last. Caring for others is replaced with selfish thoughts, blown aside by a violent wind from their minds. Wealthy people in Haiti consider themselves powerful and above others. Due to their wealth, they are ignorant to laws that displeased them. Commonly, lifestyles could be viewed as “influence or pressure for popularity.” The influence begins with young teenagers and youth; this mentality is carried into adulthood. Teenagers are forced to follow others by doing wrong acts to fit in. Worse, is that some parents do nothing to stop this nonsense. . A wealthy man will be almost bowed down whether his works are right or wrong, fair or unfair. At the rate this is going, I believe lifestyle of Haitian society will worsen in fifty years.

I believe jobs and the work place will be similar to what it is today fifty years from now. Due to a worsening lifestyle, employees will be badly treated and will have no other choice than to swallow their pride to feed their families. Though some would work over time, raises would be rarely rewarded to anyone. Currently, racism towards colored people from non-colored people is very much still present. For example, if a colored person shows up late, that person would be severely punished compared to the non-colored person. In the work...
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