Fifth Element- Anthropolgy

Topics: Archaeology, Boy, Stereotype Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: December 2, 2001
Archaeologists in the media are more often then not portrayed as young fairly good-looking men dressed for an adventure where ultimately they will be the heroes. They will deliver the treasure and rescue the young beautiful damsel in distress, which is not the case in the film The Fifth Element. The movie opens with an older man who has a scruffy white beard and white hair with a thick European accent on an excavation. He is in what seems to be either an old Egyptian cave or pyramid deciphering old drawings and inscriptions. He has a minimal staff, which includes a young boy holding a mirror against the sun as a source of light and a young man sketching what is supposedly on the walls. No women are present in this scene. There is no appearance of a woman during this archaelogical expedition. The archaeological dig takes place in 1917 in Egypt. The archaeologist who is not given a name is intently studying the inscriptions on the wall. While doing so he exclaims a few times that this find will make him famous. He begins talking to the young man sketching the inscriptions. He explains what these inscriptions say. There seems to be some sort of "snake" which comes every five thousand years spreading chaos and disorder. This snake is apparently extremely evil and dangerous. He then goes into describing how there are four elements water, fire, earth, and air. However the inscriptions seem to be talking about another element, the fifth element. This fifth element is ultimately the weapon used against evil. The archaelogist is looking for anything that will give him an idea about what the fifth element is. What the archaeologist seems to be unaware of is the dangers that are now facing him as a result of his find. There seems to be a monk who is protecting this secret that now has been discovered. He must keeps this discovery a secret because of its importance and the only way he can is to kill the people who now know of this information. He attempts to kill the...
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