Fifth Business Essay

Topics: Devil, Seduction, Oswald of Worcester Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: July 28, 2009

Name: Hussein

Date of Submission: January 20, 2009

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Created by: Hussein Amer

Liselotte Vitzliputzli is a brilliant, creative woman with many things in mind. Her appearance is manly, wearing men’s clothing with huge hands and feet, and having a mouth as a “monkey”. The author (Robertson Davis) takes “Vitzliputzli” from one of the devils in the play Faust. Liesl can be considered a devil figure because of the temptation she brings to Ramsay by first trying to seduce him and second, to tempt him into doing something irrational. Liesls temptation for Ramsey was strong and demanding.

In Chapter six, part two, Diana Marfleet created a new name after St. Dunstan who was tempted by the devil in the body of a women. “Every man has a personal devil, she warned. Ramsey must become acquainted with his. In addition, he must get to know the devil himself. Christians who tried to take God out of their religion and keep everything else were the worst off, she claimed”. Ramsey is tempted now by Liesl whose last name comes from the one of the devils in the play Faust. One example of the seduction is when Liesl tries to seduce Ramsey by grabbing his pajama coat and pulling him back to the bed, ending that he wanted her to be aggressive in lovemaking. She was strong and tried to kiss him, but Ramsey fought and threw her onto the ground. An example of this is on pg. 229 – “I rose and began to hop to the door. Over the years I have become a good hopper. But Liesl caught me by the tail of my pyjama coat and pulled me back on the bed…” The devil in all religions is considered a seducer, and tries to make us fulfill desires or temptations that we know are wrong….and sometimes evil.

“Liesl offered him some advice. It was advice not for everyone, but for the “twice-born” like Ramsay, who had assumed another name from Diana Marfleet. She told him to do something irrational at the devil’s bidding,...
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