Fieldman Insurance Co. Inc. vs Vda de Songco Case Digest

Topics: Insurance, Liability insurance, Boiler insurance Pages: 3 (901 words) Published: February 25, 2013
FACTS: Federico Songco of Floridablanca, Pampanga, a man of scant education being only a first grader ..., owned a private jeepney for the year 1960. On September 15, 1960, he was induced by Fieldmen's Insurance Company Pampanga agent Benjamin Sambat to apply for a Common Carrier's Liability Insurance Policy covering his motor vehicle ... Upon paying an annual premium of P16.50, defendant Fieldmen's Insurance Company, Inc. issued on September 19, 1960, Common Carriers Accident Insurance Policy... the duration of which will be for one (1) year, effective September 15, 1960 to September 15, 1961. On September 22, 1961, upon payment of the corresponding premium, the company renewed the policy by extending the coverage from October 15, 1961 to October 15, 1962. This time Federico Songco's private jeepney carried Plate No. J-68136-Pampanga-1961. On October 29, 1961, during the effectivity of the renewed policy, the insured vehicle while being driven by Rodolfo Songco, a duly licensed driver and son of Federico (the vehicle owner) collided with a car in the municipality of Calumpit, province of Bulacan, as a result of which mishap Federico Songco (father) and Rodolfo Songco (son) died, Carlos Songco (another son), the latter's wife, Angelita Songco, and a family friend by the name of Jose Manuel sustained physical injuries of varying degree." 1          Amor Songco, son of deceased Federico Songco, declared that when insurance agent Benjamin Sambat was inducing his father to insure his vehicle, he butted in saying: 'That cannot be, Mr. Sambat, because our vehicle is an "owner" private vehicle and not for passengers,' to which agent Sambat replied: 'whether our vehicle was an "owner" type or for passengers it could be insured because their company is not owned by the Government and the Government has nothing to do with their company. So they could do what they please whenever they believe a vehicle is...
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