Field Trip

Topics: Turtles, Fish, Aquarium Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Aksarben Field Trip
From what I learned at Aksarben Aquarium, was that there was a lot more to fish that the average person thinks. For instance, there are many types of one breed of fish, all of the fish I see all the time I can now identify, and all the interesting things that come with what fish have to offer. The main goal for students was to understand the Aksarben Aquarium and how it worked. Also how to identify amphibians and reptiles in the terrarium

At first when we entered the exhibit, we looked at the Terrarium. The display showed and characterized the habitat of the creatures. It had the rocks and sand for the turtles which created a great enviorment for them. But there were all different types of life in the terrarium: red-eared turtle, painted turtle, false map turtle, yellow mud turtle, blanding’s turtle, bull frog, and the gold fish. Also, while we were analyzing, we saw one of the painted turtles laid three eggs. They are fed minnows, worms, and crickets.

In the aquarium, the was a large variety of fish. The fish all had certain characteristics about them. So if a person could look for these, he or she could identify the fish with ease. Take bluegill for instance. The bluegill has a black opercular flap and if you see that the bluegill doesn’t have the same colored edge as the green sunfish, one could easily tell the two apart. One pair of fish that are hard to tell apart are the bullhead and the catfish. If one was to see a catfish, they could easily observe that the catfish has a forked tail. Then that person would see that the bullhead has a rounded tail. Catfish also have barbels along there mouth which allows them to bottom feed. All these differences in fish, mean that they are put into certain tanks with other fish that they could be compatible with. Large fish typically are in the same tanks, and small fish are in the same tanks as well. In turn, fish with the same size usually go in the same tank. But to be careful, the staff at...
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