Field Study in Education

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StudyTeacher Observed :______________________________ Date:__________________________
Grade/Year and Section: __________________________ Subject:_______________________
School:________________________________________ Time:_________________________

Activity Sheet No. 1

Target Competency
At the end of this activity, you should be able to identify personal qualities of good teachers through interview.
Specific Tasks
Visit a school and interview some of the students, teachers, and its school principal about their ideal personal qualities of a teacher.
Based on your interview among the students, the teachers, and the school principal, list down the personal qualities of a good teacher.

Among the students:
Among the teachers:
Know how to handle the class
Know how to deal with students’ feelings

Among the school principal:
Instilled with good moral characteristics
Act as a second parent

Among the identified personal qualities of a good teacher, what are your insights towards his/her performance in school?

It is really clear that a teacher with good characteristics or personal qualities can perform well her duties and responsibilities in school. A kind hearted teacher will always be loved by his/her student. I believe that through it, he or she can build a harmonious relationship towards his students and to his co-teachers as well. A teacher who is energetic can easily cope up with any activities in school. She could maintain his energy level and mingle with other people. A good teacher is also instilled with good moral values. In that way, he or she must exercise good doings to be the role model of the student and to the community. A teacher who is imbued with moral values will always be respected and can mould his students to be the best person they can be and direct them to the right path. This kind of teacher will always have a good performance and stand-out in her school.

Laarnie Grace Pardillo
Signature over printed name

Signature over printed name

Field Study Student

Teacher Observed: _______________________________ Date:_________________________
Grade/Year and Section :_________________________ Subject :______________________
School :_______________________________________ Time :________________________

Activity Sheet No. 2

Target Competency
At the end of this activity, you should be able to:
1. Identify personal qualities of good teachers through survey; 2. Use non-traditional assessment techniques; and
3. Create a healthy and free expression of ideas.
Specific Tasks
1. Develop a survey questionnaire designed to be used with preschool/ elementary/ secondary students to find out what personal qualities make a good teacher. 2. Administer the survey instrument to the principal, teachers, and selected students. 3. Consolidate and interpret the survey results.

This time you will conduct a survey using a questionnaire to validate findings in your previews interview. You may adopt the questionnaire below to find out the personal qualities of a good teacher. 1. What are the personal qualities of a good teacher to you? List down as many

as you can.
* Intellectual
* God-fearing
* Flexible
* Kind-hearted
* Considerate

2. What is an ideal teacher to you?

An ideal teacher for me is someone who can teach the lesson well and at the same time can inspire and touch your lives. She is someone who can guide and direct you to the right path and someone who can encourage to when you’re down and treat you as a relative.

Classify the responses given by the students, the teachers, and...
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